The numbers of self-made MILLIONAIRES entrepreneurs IN RUSSIA IS GROWING.

Yep! You heard me correct.

Despite bad economic sanctions, bad macro-economics, bad Putin’s regime etc — a lot of young people in Russia making $ millions. They are nor Mafia neither they are not from TECH World:

Dmitriy Potrnyagin instagram

Dmitriy Portnyagin,29. Russian self made millionaire, entrepreneur. Making money on his own logistic company (CHINA-RUSSIA). #1 business video blogger in Russia with average of 400k views per video on YouTube channel. Where he shows his lifestyle and motivate young people to start businesses also:

Or some random, in first look, guy - Alexander Anatoliyevich. Who posts cool car pictures on his Instagram page. Despite the fact that this is HIS REAL collection of cars.

JUST A PART of the personal garage

Russian’s Mark Zuckerberg — Pavel Durov. The ex-founder of the biggest social network in EU — Vkontakte loves his Maybach:

And to live in luxury hotels:

Not so far from the lifestyle of oil oligarchs, big criminals, and drug dealer’s life. But legally. And younger generation like it.

Business IS A TREND

Almost everybody in Russian business community in one way or another knows these guys:

Two young geniuses sell their sales and motivational techniques to different level of entrepreneurs, building business community around it and making millions:

On the video, Petr bought a Ferrari for his girlfriend

Business Molodost’s (means Business Youth) YouTube channel has more that 300k subscribers and 40,454,010 views total video views.

Just imagine. 300,000+ people learning and trying start/build/grow businesses. I mean, when this army of new entrepreneurs will mature, and flood Russia… Probably since then living here (including good infrastructure) will be much much better than its know.

Build a business in Russia as easy as never was.

Just since only about 2008, first time in history, it is so safe and easy to start a business. Just about 19 years ago, in 90-s, You may be killed on the street just because you didn’t pay taxes to local Mafia groups. Or if you travel to North Caucasian region — you may be kidnapped.

Now, Caucasian region is safe for travel and you will find a lot of beautiful places in mountains, like Mountain Elbrus:

And today’s businesses pay taxes not to criminals, but to government. From as low as 6%.

Besides this fact, most of the young entrepreneurs have a place to live and their parents free from the hundreds of thousands of dollars in a mortgage debt.

Easy to start with such low risks.


When McDonald’s opened his first “restaurant” in Moscow, there was a line for burgers:


Now this line of people stays for Blackstar Burgers. A restaurant opened by local Russian rap star Timati (Russian analog of Jay Z):

Where everybody eat juicy burgers with black gloves. Which is VERY practical by the way. I stayed in line also :)


We going global.

Just local market is too small for us. Plus now, due to high dollar price, it’s much profitable to make money outside country and then put it back in Russia. Cheap labor. Low cost of living. All such factors just give us more resources for the same price you pay in US.

Yandex company (local “google)” is building driver-less cars:

Self driving prototype

Fedor Ovchinnikov, founder of DO DO Pizza opened his first restaurant in America and successfully sells his franchise in Russia and US with 234 restaurants!

DO DO Pizza founder

Even half of projects in cryptocurrency space, I believe, running by Russians. Including Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum.

Vitalik on TechCrunch

Know why? Thanks to strong math and programming courses in universities like ITMO, who take almost all gold medals for the last decade.


Of course, this happen not only in Russia. In most countries you will find same stories. Business and Startup accelerators, government programs for startups, private business schools, angel and VC investors, bank credits — there is all you need to start. Every top countries has their own Silicon Valleys. Berlin, Paris, Moscow, San-Francisco, Brazil, Beijing, Bangalore… You name it.

And I like the trend! Together we create the future of our planet much better and faster. Just look at it beauty: this is A reality


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