If the reality is simulation — why don’t play it like a game?

ATTENTION. Because this theory and game can affect your reality and the only life you have — consider the consequences twice. The author is not responsible for your actions and decisions. Wish you the best!

The problem.

Every day I see people around me. Different people, like you. Yep, like you — the reader. Same same but different (as Asians say). You have different problems, but you have something in common. The reality.

The reality is so strong for you and so real. I mean so fucking real, so it blocks you from acting. Blocking you from living your full life.

What I mean — is that you can’t lose weight. You can’t change career or quit that stupid job. You afraid of traveling, except staying in boring 4* or 5* hotels for a week or two. You afraid to start up a business. Afraid to move from one country to another. You afraid to start talking to that beautiful girl (or boy).

And believe me, when you’ll read it — your brain will find the way to explain it to you, that everything above is not about you, that your life is okay. But it is as it is. And you know it — because you have that deep feeling inside you.

You are dreaming about another life but constantly feel fear to change it. Even if you don’t realize that fear, it controls you.

The solution.

I know how you feel — I was there, a few years ago. Then one thing change that all.

Just one state of mind changed my reality and life completely. I traveled around the World visiting every continent including Antarctica and made solo trekking to the highest mountain in Europe. Found love. Started a few businesses. Lived in different countries and cultures, like US, Russia, Middle and Southeast Asia. And you can do it also. It is so simple — you can do it right away after you finish reading.

Just turn your reality into a Game.

How to switch state of the mind into a Game mode.

The answer is simple. Just look onto other simulations. Like Grand Theft Auto V or Need For Speed or POV YouTube videos.

The easiest way to be in the game — is to be in the game.

On the left picture, you see a screenshot from GTA V game, on the right — you see POV of the real mountain biker.

To switch your state of the mind into a Game mode you just have to switch your self to the 3-rd POV (point of view). Like in the picture on right. You can do it anywhere and anytime. Even right now — just imagine viewing yourself right now sitting in your room and reading this article from the camera behind you and little above. And in that exact moment say to yourself that you now in the Game.

What’s the difference?

Well, if you are average human being (like me or your friend) — you probably have all 5 senses in an active state. Meaning: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Standard computer simulation (like PC games) uses only 2 of 5 senses. Your new simulation game uses all 5 of senses. Is not that magic?

Plus to that — if you like challenges (like me), your new simulation gives you a full range of them, unlike in computer games — here it takes time to achieve something meaningful. For example — to lose weight, start a business, move to another country or find your love — everything takes time. I mean really a lot of time and energy. Like not just months, but years. What takes in PC games 1 or 2 days — in your new simulation takes 1 or 2 years. Probably that’s why not everybody can stay long in the game — only the chosen ones. Are you the one?

Hmm… Actually this “are you the one” statement a complete BS. If you can teach yourself how to brush your teeth every day — then you can teach yourself how to see yourself from the different angle. Blink your eyes and look down on yourself from the camera angle. You are set and you are in the simulation.

You see that beautiful girl (a boy) in front of you — blink your eyes, switch to 3rd person point of view, now you are in the game:

  • Move your body forward;
  • tell that person that you have a free ticket to a theme park and would like to invite her to eat an ice-cream;
  • be nice and let her send you a message, so you will continue to discuss the date and time for your first date.

Or maybe you want to travel? That’s a great mission. Blink your eyes, switch to 3rd person point of view, now you are in the game:

  • List 10 places you want to visit;
  • calculate a budget for the first place you want to visit;
  • compare the budget to your income, cut everything unnecessary;
  • based on your income, set the date and time for your first trip;
  • stick to the plan;
  • enjoy your trip

The same principle applied to everything you wanted in life but was afraid to do due to uncertainty: career, business, travel, love, relationships, different personal or financial achievements. You name it.

All you need is to act now.

How The Game works.

First, there are two versions of the Game:

  • Free. You set goals and missions for yourself and follow them yourself;
  • Single player. Cost $59.99. Based on your profile (fill up the form here), we’ll set up for you up to 3 missions. You can accept all of them or one or two. On every mission you will get a plan (to do list) with deadlines. For every accomplished mission, you’ll get NoobCoins, which then you can use inside game to unlock additional missions and features.

But the most important part — is that with every level unlocked, you will unlock new You and new life. Because only you decide what kind of life and experience you want to get in simulation: a millionaire or homeless, fat or skinny, a pop singer or rap artist, a movie star or YouTube blogger, a business owner or IT engineer, a traveler or a slacker, single or married, fast cars or slow. Any role, anywhere.

In the end, if the reality is simulation — why don’t play it like a game?


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